Does Your Son Struggle Transferring His BP Swing Into Real Games?

January 25, 2024     /     By Coach Justin

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
He works hard at practice and in the basement or backyard trying to groove his swing.
He spends hours in the cages trying to get things just right.
He takes thousands of swings off the tee…
And he’s probably hit so many buckets of balls that your arm is getting ready to fall off.
And during BP, his swing looks great!
He’s smoking hard line drives from gap to gap and the ball seems to jump off his bat.
He has confidence in himself and his abilities.
He looks calm, cool, and collected.
But when game day arrives, it’s like he’s a completely different hitter.
He does a complete 180.
He goes from squaring the ball up and making hard contact to struggling to make contact at all.
He finds himself swinging at bad pitches outside the strike zone.
He begins to punch out way too often.
He miss-hits pitches he should’ve crushed.
Sometimes he looks frozen and unable to pull the trigger.
He just doesn’t look like himself at the plate.
For some strange reason, his BP swing doesn’t seem to transfer when it matters most.
Well, don’t worry… he’s not alone!
Hitters at every level of baseball struggle with this.
In fact, I would argue that this is the single biggest issue troubling hitters all over the world.
And here’s the shocking reason why:
They’re complete nonsense!
And I wish this nonsense was only impacting a small handful of players…
But unfortunately, that’s not the case.
This misinformation is SO common and SO widespread — and it’s at every level of baseball.
It’s jeopardizing millions of baseball players around the world and costing them big time at the plate.
I don’t want to see your son fail to reach his full potential because of poor hitting advice…
So I want to help him.
That’s why I’m pulling out all the stops to separate fact from fiction.
And show you how your son can almost immediately put an end to…
❌ Hitting weak ground balls and pop ups
❌ Streaky and inconsistent results at the plate
❌ And not being able to transfer his BP swing into real games when it matters most
Hitters of all ages need to see this before their next at-bat (here’s the link).
In short, many of the most commonly preached hitting tips are LIES.
They are what I call: “Hitting Traps.”
And the first simple step for your son to finally become the hitter he’s meant to be?
They’re totally inaccurate!
Complete misconceptions!
And believe it or not…
A lot of this dangerous advice practically forces him to strike out more often.
It causes him to make weaker contact…
Hit “roll over” ground balls…
And hit an endless amount of frustrating pop ups that never make it out of the infield.
And leaving him sliding lower and lower in the batting order as the season goes by.
Not to mention how much bat speed, exit velocity, and explosive power he’ll leave trapped inside of him forever…
Even by falling into just one of these traps.
And don’t forget…
I’m not talking about any weird or obscure hitting tips here.
Not even close.
I’m talking about some of the tips, phrases, and buzzwords thrown around at every level of baseball…
Advice that has been beaten into his head over and over again…
From the moment he first picked up a baseball bat until now.
A good chunk of it is WRONG.
Misinformation is running rampant in the baseball world today, and quite frankly
You deserve better.
You deserve the truth!
I want to clear up some of the junk that’s got him bogged down at the plate…
So I just posted the 3 most dangerous Hitting Traps on our website.
All the best,
Coach Justin
Ultimate Baseball Training
Most will pay no attention to this.
But for a small group of players, I think this information could be career-changing.

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