Is Your Son Struggling Because of THIS?

January 25, 2024     /     By Coach Justin

Misinformation is running rampant in the baseball world today…
In fact, many of the MOST POPULAR tips being taught to hitters are LIES.
And not just little lies either…
But lies that are costing millions of players big time at the plate…
And I don’t want your son to be one of them.
That’s why I’ve gone public today exposing the most dangerous lies which I call “Hitting Traps.
Now I’m not talking about any weird or obscure hitting tips here.
Not even close.
I’m talking about some of the tips, phrases, and buzzwords thrown around at every level of baseball…
Advice that your son has heard over and over again…
From the moment he first picked up a baseball bat until now.
A good chunk of it is WRONG.
In fact, it’s complete nonsense!
But once your son gets sucked into the misinformation, he’ll be stuck.
It will become nearly impossible for him to ever become the hitter he’s capable of being.
This is why I strongly encourage you and your son to read this today… it’s all about the dangerous lies I call “Hitting Traps.”
Get the facts for yourself. Most will pay no attention to this, but for a small group of players, this could be career-changing.

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