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📅 Friday, December 25, 2020 📅

Here's Your Chance to Work With Me PERSONALLY 1-on-1!

(50 Spots Available. First Come, First Served.)

With our training programs, you’ve got the best possible pre-built solutions out there to take your hitting to the next level.


Many players email me and prefer the personalized touch, especially if they are struggling with a particular issue, struggling with transferring BP into real games or need to go the extra mile to optimize their swing because they’ve had a hard time at the plate in the past.

We get tons of requests from people who ask, “Coach Justin, can you take a look at my swing? I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.”

So as a way of saying thank you for being part of the UBT Family…

I want to give you that opportunity today!

This is your chance to work directly with me for a personalized, 1-on-1 analysis of your swing… that way you get custom tailored coaching to fast track your way to success!

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to improve your swing to start crushing more line drives and home runs.

Imagine having a plan that is personally tailored to YOU, as an individual…

That’s the opportunity you have available at your fingertips…

But this is an offer that I’m only extending to you TODAY — right here, right now.

Once the clock strikes midnight, you will lose the opportunity.

So let me explain exactly why I’m doing this and cover a few details with you…

My goal is to help as many baseball players reach their full potential as possible.

And there’s no question about it…

The absolute fastest way for me to help you improve your hitting is by working with you 1-on-1!

Every hitter is unique.

There’s no “one size fits all.”

That’s why I love to extend this offer to our players.

But the reality is…

Although I’d love to be able to work with every player out there…

There’s not enough time in the day to make that happen.

I’m only able to work with a select few players directly to give you the time and attention you deserve.

I can only accept 50 new players today and spots fill up very quickly.

But if you’re reading this right now, there are still spots available.

So if you’re serious about taking your hitting to the next level and want me to help you:

Then this opportunity is for you!

But this is only available on THIS page, right here and right now.

Once you either close this page or the 50 spots fill up, that’s it.

Here's What The Personalized Plan Includes:

Full in-depth swing analysis covering every area imaginable in your baseball swing… from the basics like stance, load, and stride all the way to more advanced topics like launch position, getting on plane with the pitch, positioning at the point of contact, and extension. If necessary, we’ll also touch on pitch recognition, timing, vision, mental approach and your game plan. Every component of your swing is dissected from A to Z.

Side-by-side comparison with a pro… that way you can see in real-time how you stack up against the best hitters on the planet.

A personalized improvement plan… where I provide the actionable steps I would take if I were you to improve your results at the plate. It could be a series of drills, a “swing thought” to keep in the back of your mind, or something to work on in your basement or in front of the mirror at home.

Full 1:1 support with Coach Justin for 2 weeks after the analysis… including any tweaks needed and access to his personal coaching inbox. After working on the initial recommendations I have for you, feel free to send in a “follow up” video with your new and improved swing or ask me any hitting questions that are on your mind.

Here's How The Personalized Plan Works:

STEP ONE: Scroll down below and click the “YES! I Want To Work 1-on-1 With Justin” Button.

STEP TWO: Send me a few video clips of yourself hitting. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly which angles I need and how to submit your short videos. Super simple. No fancy equipment needed. You can even record these clips using your phone.

STEP THREE: Sit back, relax, and in a matter of days you’ll have my in-depth swing analysis waiting for you in your inbox!

STEP FOUR: Then simply watch the in-depth analysis of your swing and follow my recommendations to create rapid, long-lasting success!

Here's My Personal Guarantee:

If I can help you, I will!

If I can’t, I’ll refund every penny (and still help you as much as I can 😀)

As I mentioned earlier…

Every player is different.

Every player has a different “starting point.”

Some players have tons of areas where they can improve.

Others already have a great foundation and it’s all about fine tuning.

So once you accept this offer and send in your video clips, I’ll review them.

If I can deliver a tremendous amount of value and help you drastically improve your hitting…

Then I’ll move forward with your analysis.

On the flip side…

If you’ve got a great swing with only one or two small things to work on…

Then I’ll send you a refund (but I’ll still provide as much feedback as I can.)

Does that sound fair?

I think it’s a win-win situation.

So Let's Sum Everything Up:

After I analyze your swing, you’ll finally have clarity on exactly how to take your game to the next level.

Your confidence will skyrocket knowing that you’re swinging the bat just like the pros.

You’ll understand exactly what you need to do moving forward.

Exactly which drills to do, how often to do them, and all the other adjustments you need to make.

There’s no guesswork.

Just head to the field and follow the advice I provide.

Soon you’ll be hitting the ball harder, further, and more consistently than ever before.

You’ll finally get the exposure and attention you truly deserve.

And you’ll finally be able to consistently play at your peak performance on the field.

Now I know you’re probably thinking this is going to cost hundreds of dollars, and usually you would be right.

But, your success is my number one priority and I know this is literally going to transform you into the base-clearing, home-run hitting, game-changing hitter you’re meant to be!

So rather than charging you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (like some of my past elite coaching clients have paid), I’m offering this complete package for just $99!

That’s a hefty discount off the retail price and small change compared to the life-changing value you will get!

Simply click the “YES, I Want To Work 1-on-1 With Justin” button below.

I look forward to working directly with you!

Thank you,

— Coach Justin

Today’s Price:


Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.