Transform your baseball skills and athleticism with some of our most popular training programs.

Bat Speed Accelerator

A 12-week training system with 48+ drills designed specifically to improve your bat speed! You get a 12-week calendar, 12 optimized skill circuits, 48+ drills, and 3 game-changing bonuses. This is quickly becoming our best-seller!

Level Elite Hitting System

A high intensity training program for players at any level. The best part? It can transform your game literally today.

Sports Recruiting University

If you want a fast, GUARANTEED route to play college sports, then this is for YOU... I literally hold your hand and walk you through the entire recruiting process, step-by-step! I'll show you how to make a highlight video, how to create a list of targeted schools to go after, how to contact coaches, how to register with the Eligibility Center, and much more! A must-have program for any athlete looking to play in college!

In Game Mentality Focus

Our signature audio program on the mental side of baseball! This training consists of 1 hour of game changing mentality tricks, tips, and techniques, plus a 10-Minute Pregame Confidence Booster video - just watch it before you play and watch your confidence go through the roof!

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