The "Pay What You Want" Bundle

Get Instant Access To Our Best-Selling Baseball Training Programs… For The Price Of Your Choice!

Hey, it’s Coach Justin.

And today I want to hook you up with our top 4 best-selling training programs — for the price of your choice.

Pay what you want. Get LIFETIME access.

Sound good?

Because as you’re well aware, the world is facing tough times right now…

So I wanted to do my part to “pay it forward” and do something special for the Ultimate Baseball Training community.

Baseball season might be temporarily “on hold,” but that doesn’t mean the desire to improve your skills goes away.

Our goal has always been to help as many players as possible reach their full potential and have more fun playing the game they love.

That mission still holds true today.

We understand that things may be getting tight for some families, so we wanted to respond in the best way we possibly could and make our programs as affordable as possible during this time.

Below you’ll see a green button that says, “Click Here To Get Started.”

Click that button and you’ll be taken to our secure order form.

From there, simply enter the price you’d like to pay for our TOP 4 programs we’ve put together for you in this special bundle package.

Remember, this is a one-time fee for a lifetime of access.

All we ask is that you pay a fair price that you can afford.

At their retail prices, these programs would cost you $788.

At their discounted prices of $47, they would still cost you $188.

I don’t expect you to pay that much, but do the best you can.

Just like the rest of the world, businesses are hurting right now and can use all the support they can get.

With that being said, if times are tough right now, simply pay whatever you can afford and you’ll get lifetime access to all 4 programs.

Ultimate Baseball Training will lose money from this offer, but I believe paying it forward and making our programs the most affordable they’ve ever been is the right thing to do during this time.

There’s truly never been a better opportunity to start training with our programs.

We can’t make this deal available for long though.

You’ll see a timer on this page and as soon as it expires, I’m pulling this page offline and the “Pay What You Want” Bundle will disappear.

I’m not sure we’ll do anything like this ever again, so take advantage of it now.

Lastly, please pay this goodwill forward through support, optimism, and good deeds to your family, friends, and community.

We’re all in this together.

Scroll down, click the green button, enter your information and complete your order.

Stay safe and we’ll talk soon,

Coach Justin