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Baseball/Lacrosse Ball Technique

Foot Smash

Foam Rolling

Static Stretching After Workouts

Mobility and Stretching

Dynamic Warm-Up

Pedroia Series

Module 1: Basic Mental Approach

Module 2: Bat Selection

Module 3: The Proper Grip

Module 4: Stance

Module 5: The Load

Module 6: The Stride

Module 7: Hands and Head

Module 8: Bat Speed

Module 9: Developing Built-In Mechanics

Module 10: Common Hitting Mistakes and Swing Flaws

Module 11: How to Get Hit By a Pitch

Module 12: Bunting, Small Ball, and Executing the Game

Module 13: Mental Approach 2 – Counts, Sitting on Pitches, etc.

Contact Drill

Walk-Up Drill

Low Tee Drill

Hip Fire Drill

Target Concentration

Top-Bottom and Colored Ball Drill

Soft Toss

Front Toss

Lat Stretch Drill

The Dynamite Drill

Top/Bottom Hand

Put-It-All-Together Swings


Avoid This Like The Plague

Cause 1 – Poor Launch Position

Cause 2 – Bat Drag

Cause 3 – Trying To Get On Top Of The Ball

Cause 4 – Grip

Cause 5 – Around The Ball Bat Path

Cause 6 – Losing Your Spine Angle

The Pizza In The Oven Analogy

Low Tee Drill Variation

Dynamite Drill

Top Hand Drills

Pizza Palm Progressions

Mirror Punches

“Stay Connected” Foam Roller Swings

Case Study: Miguel Cabrera

Case Study: Matt Holliday

Case Study: Aaron Judge

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How To Bounce Back From Bad Games

Home Run Hitting Workshop

Pre Game Confidence Booster