Read This BEFORE Your Next At-Bat!

The 3 Most Dangerous Lies, Myths, and Misconceptions Hitters Are Being Taught Today

And How You Can Almost Immediately PUT AN END To…

  • Hitting weak ground balls and pop ups
  • Streaky and inconsistent results at the plate
  • Not being able to transfer your BP swing into real games when it matters most

There’s a simple first step to finally becoming the hitter you’re meant to be:

Stop falling into the Hitting Traps that are destroying your success at the plate.

They’re totally inaccurate!

Complete misconceptions!

I’m talking about some of the MOST POPULAR tips being taught to hitters today.

Many of these commonly preached hitting tips are LIES.

And not just little lies either…

But lies that are costing millions of baseball players big time at the plate...

Completely jeopardizing their futures!

You may have been taught these lies.

In fact, most players have.

After all, I’m not talking about any weird or obscure hitting tips here.

Not even close.

I’m talking about some of the tips, phrases, and buzzwords thrown around at every level of baseball...

Advice that has been beaten into your head over and over again...

From the moment you first picked up a baseball bat until now.

A good chunk of it is WRONG.

In fact, it’s complete nonsense!

Believe it or not, a lot of this dangerous advice practically forces you to strike out more often.

It causes you to make weaker contact...

Hit “roll over” ground balls...

And hit an endless amount of frustrating pop ups that never even make it out of the infield.

Even worse, these dangerous lies make it nearly impossible to have any sort of consistency at the plate...

Causing your batting average to plummet...

And leaving you sliding lower and lower in the batting order as the season goes by.

Not to mention how much bat speed, exit velocity, and explosive power you leave trapped inside of you forever...

Even by falling into just one of these traps.

But as dangerous as these lies are…

They continue to be passed down from generation to generation… and I’ll explain why that is in just a minute.

But in today’s day and age, this misinformation is SO common and SO widespread…

I bet you’ll hear a lot of it shouted at your very next practice or game!

Only from now on, things will be different.

You’ll cringe as soon as you hear any of these Hitting Traps…

Because once you discover the truth today...

You’ll see why so many of these “simple little tips” meant to help hitters actually cause more harm than good.

In fact, as I’ll prove to you in just a second…

Many of the tips being taught today are the exact opposite of what great hitters actually do!

That’s why I’m separating fact from fiction for you....

And blowing the lid off the most dangerous lies about hitting for baseball players today.

The truth is, these lies cut the careers short of many baseball players around the world.

Think about your friends and teammates.

Many of them exposed to these lies will never come close to reaching their potential.

I don’t want that to be the case for you.

Because these Hitting Traps are like quicksand.

Once you get sucked into the misinformation, you’re stuck!

It becomes nearly impossible to escape mediocre results at the plate...

Or ever becoming the hitter you’re capable of being.

And that’s a shame.

After all, you work so hard at practice and in the basement or backyard trying to groove your swing.

You spend hours in the cages trying to get things just right.

You take thousands of swings off the tee…

And you’ve probably hit so many buckets of balls that dad’s arm is getting ready to fall off.

So shouldn’t you be knocking the cover off the ball in real games when it really counts?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hit more doubles in the gap and more “no-doubter” home runs…

Against even the hardest-throwing pitchers with the filthiest stuff?

You should be dripping with confidence each time you strut to the plate and dig into the batter’s box…

Because once you discover these Hitting Traps and you put the secrets I’ll share with you into action...

You’ll experience a dramatic “night and day” difference.

Imagine seeing pitches like they’re a beach ball.

Arriving perfectly on time.

Hitting the ball right on the screws.

Scorching line drives and home runs that come screaming off your bat with backspin.

Spraying base hits “gap to gap” all the time, at-bat after at-bat, without worry, without fear.

No matter who you’re facing on the mound that day.

That’s what HITTING is all about!

That’s what your reality should look like at the plate.

And it can be your reality… starting today… starting right now… it’s much simpler than you think… I’ll show you how.

I’m here to do more than just expose the lies, myths, and misconceptions holding hitters back.

I actually want to share with you the hitting secrets that most people don’t even know exist.

Secrets that you can easily apply to supercharge your swing and unleash every ounce of power and mile-per-hour almost overnight...

Hitting the ball harder and further than you ever imagined…

While racking up RBI’s and skyrocketing your batting average.

Players like you are using them right now to completely dominate at the dish…

  • One baseball dad reports, “In the first weekend of All-Stars, my son had a 4-4 game with 2 doubles off the fence! He has just hit the ball much harder and more consistently.”

  • Another dad says, “I am not exaggerating when I say that in 2 weeks, I have seen his swing and confidence transform."

But Before We Go Any Further, Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hello. My name is Coach Justin.

I’m a former college baseball player and the founder of Ultimate Baseball Training.

We're one of the largest and most-well known publishers of instructional baseball information in the world today.

You may know us from our popular YouTube videos with more than 35 million views.

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Perhaps you even saw the story about us on MLB Network a few years ago.

I don’t have time to tell you all the details here…

But to make a long story short...

I shared one simple “secret” with a famous Major League shortstop (who you’d know if I mentioned him by name)…

And he went on to have his best season of offensive production in his entire career!

In a nutshell, the trick I shared with him was a simple little “adjustment” that helped him get his bat on plane with the pitch earlier and stay on plane longer...

And judging by the offensive numbers he produced that season…

It seemed to work like gangbusters!

His batting average jumped by more than 50 points from the previous season... going from .246 to .297!

He reached a career high in RBI’s… and his on-base percentage was the highest it’s ever been in his career.

Same with his slugging percentage.

Even more impressive was his POWER!

He belted twice as many home runs as he ever had before in a single season!

His stellar performance paid off in a big way as he was voted into the All-Star Game for the first time in his career... starting at shortstop for the National League.

Now I can’t take all the credit… not even close!

He was already an incredible hitter to begin with…

And all I did was show him one little "tweak."

Plus, I'm sure that wasn't the *only* change he made.

But either way…

It was so cool to see some of my advice make it into play at the Big League level.

Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you all this.

As I’ve pointed out…

Misinformation is running rampant in the baseball world today, and quite frankly…

You deserve better.

You deserve the truth!

And the fact is...

I don’t think anyone else in the world is going to cut through the noise and lay out the real truth for you like I will.

So today I'm pulling out all the stops to give you the accurate and actionable advice you can trust...

And more importantly...

IMMEDIATELY use to see drastic “in-game” and "on the field" improvements.

As John Anhalt writes, “Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about. So much bad hitting advice out there it’s mind numbing. Well done.”

So with that said…

It’s time to clear up some of the junk that’s got you bogged down at the plate.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it with the first outrageous lie…


You’ll hear this popular tip at nearly every baseball practice.

In theory, if you hit the top half of the baseball then you’ll generate backspin and hit more line drives with carry.

But here's why that makes no sense at all…

And why you actually want to do the exact opposite of that!

Imagine you're in the batter's box looking out towards the pitcher.

Is the pitcher standing on the same level of ground as you are, or is he standing at a higher level than you?

He's standing higher than you because he's on an elevated mound, right?

So that means he is "taller" on the mound than you are when you’re standing in the batter's box.

Now you might occasionally run into a pitcher who throws sidearm or submarine...

But the majority of pitchers throw overhand.

And unlike playing catch with a partner who is standing up...

A pitcher is throwing to a catcher who is squatting down behind the plate.

On top of that, you'll constantly hear pitching coaches tell their pitchers to, "Keep the ball down in the zone.”

So let's think this through...

The pitcher is standing on an elevated mound.

He's throwing the ball overhand on a downward trajectory to a squatting catcher…

And remember, most of the time he’s trying to locate his pitches in the lower half of the strike zone.

So that being said...

What good does it do for us as a hitter if we try to "get on top?"

The ball is already coming in on a downward plane...

So if we get on top we'll simply hit a ground ball with top spin.

Is that our ultimate goal as a hitter?

Of course not, right?

In fact, I love the clip of Josh Donaldson talking about hitting when he says:

"If you're 10 years old and your coach says to get on top of the ball, tell them no. Because in the big leagues these things that they call ground balls are outs. They don't pay you for ground balls. They pay you for doubles. They pay you for homers."

Justin Turner seems to agree.

He said:

"You can't slug by hitting balls on the ground. You have to get the ball in the air if you want to slug, and guys who slug stick around, and guys who don't, don't."

If you want to make the most of your baseball career...

Weak ground balls aren't going to cut it.

You have to learn how to hit screamin' line drives and home runs with backspin!

The only way to do that is to hit the inside part of the baseball slightly below the equator.

So here’s a little secret for you:

Forget about “getting on top” of the baseball.

Instead think about “getting slightly below the equator!”

And then there’s this ridiculous hitting lie…

MOST DANGEROUS HITTING LIE #2:“Get Your Front Foot Down Early”

It’s common for hitters to be taught to get their foot down early to be “ready to swing.”

But believe it or not, many times this phrase can actually cause more harm than good for hitters.

Now it goes without saying that you don't want to get your front foot down late.

So if you find yourself in a pattern of arriving late on pitches, then yes…

You need to get everything started sooner and you need to get your front foot down sooner.

But for most hitters, you'd be better off focusing on getting your front foot down ON TIME rather than early or late.

Remember, it's great to be early when you're headed to tryouts or a job interview…

But in hitting, it's best to arrive on time.

Remember this:

Hitting is all about rhythm and timing.

Hitters have success when they have good rhythm, arrive on time, and stay balanced.

On the flip side…

Pitchers have success when they are able to disrupt a hitters' timing and keep them off balance.

So here’s the kicker…

When you get your front foot down early, you're actually doing the pitcher a favor...

Because you're disrupting YOUR OWN rhythm and timing making his job that much easier!

Getting your front foot down EARLY literally forces you to start and stop... then re-start everything again.

That doesn't sound like a recipe for hitting success if you ask me.

Ideally here's what you want to do...

Find the sweet spot where your front foot lands and you can seamlessly transition into the rest of your swing... without any pauses or hesitations.

Will you always be perfect with this? No.

Will your front foot always get down exactly at the right time? No.

Heck, hitting is the hardest thing to do in sports.

Sometimes you're going to get fooled by a pitch and you’ll need to adjust.

Sometimes you’ll just flat out have poor timing.

But try your best to get your front foot down on time, not early or late.

And there’s another crazy lie about hitting that couldn’t be further from the truth…


This one might ruffle some feathers, but I'm here to be honest with you.

If you've been playing baseball for any length of time...

There's no doubt you've heard the term, "squash the bug."

It's one of those old school phrases that gets tossed around without a second thought...

But it's time to pause and think about if this phrase is helpful or harmful for hitters.

Let's dive in!

Many coaches teach squashing the bug like it's a component of the swing, like your load and stride.

After all...

When you watch a baseball swing in slow motion...

It's easy to see that the back foot indeed rotates from its initial starting point.

It doesn't stay planted in the same spot like it's stuck in concrete when a hitter swings!

So after seeing this back foot rotation...

Most of the time the thought process goes something like this:

"If we can get hitters to squash the bug, that'll help 'em get full hip rotation and maximize their power."

Once again, in theory this makes total sense!

But here's the problem...

"Squashing the bug" is actually an OUTPUT, not an INPUT.

In other words...

Squashing the bug occurs because of something else happening in your swing...

But it should NOT be something that a hitter focuses on.

What is that "something else?"

Well as the pitcher winds up in his delivery, a hitter will begin his load.

As the pitcher strides towards the plate and releases the ball, the hitter will stride too... ultimately getting to hit "launch position."

The launch position is the position a hitter is in when his stride foot hits the ground.

Now if you pay attention to the best hitters on the planet...

They will land with their front foot slightly open (about 45 degrees)...

And they will land on the ball of their foot, not on their toes, heel, or flat-footed.

Then a split-second later their front heel will drop and hit the ground.

(Although I'm explaining this slowly, it happens in the nick of time — almost in one fluid motion).

Now this front heel dropping will begin the rotational part of their swing.

Then here's the interesting part...

As soon as their front heel drops...

Their hips will begin to violently rotate as they progress through their swing.

As the hips rotate, the back hip and back knee will actually begin to be "pulled" towards the pitcher.

When this happens, it will naturally force the hitter's heel on his back foot to come off the ground.

His weight will shift to the inside part of his big toe on his back foot...

And as he continues to rotate his hips and turn around his axis...

This will force his back foot to rotate and move forward towards the pitcher.

Try this at home in slow motion and you'll understand exactly what I'm describing!

As he gets to the point of contact, you'll notice that the hitter will be up on the toes of his back foot.

Simultaneously his back knee will "pinch" forward towards his front knee (again, due to the violent rotation with his hips) and his front leg will straighten out...

Allowing him to "hit against a firm front side" and get every ounce of power as possible into the baseball.

At this impact position, his front leg will be straight.

His back leg will form a reverse L-shape due to "staying back."

Once again, the hitter will be up on his back toe... and you may even notice that his back toe drags forward a little bit... that's okay!

Sometimes it'll look like big league hitters are kicking a little bit of dirt up with their back toe...

And now you know the reason why.

Long story short, squashing the bug is an OUTPUT that is caused by something else that occurs in the swing... which is hip rotation.

Your back foot rotates and drags because of your hips.

It's an output, not an input.

So that being said...

There should be zero focus on artificially "turning" or "rotating" your back foot as you swing.

In fact...

Parents and coaches should completely remove this verbal cue from their vocabulary.

It's simply teaching incorrect fundamentals and focusing on the wrong thing.

No matter how old they are...

Why would you want your players to focus on a concept that elite hitters don't actually focus on?

If you can't get away from thinking about a bug, use this instead.

I call it "Squashing the Bug 2.0!"

Instead of focusing on squashing an imaginary bug under your BACK foot...

Focus on smashing an imaginary bug under your FRONT heel!

Remember, the rotational part of your swing begins when your front heel drops...

So if you imagine a bug under your front heel and you smash it as you begin your hip rotation...

That'll help you generate the most ground force possible.

The more force you generate, the more bat speed and exit velocity you’ll have!

Make sense?

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far…

And as you read this, I hope you’re beginning to have a few “ah-ha!” moments…

But hold on tight…

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up!

Truth is...

These 3 dangerous lies barely scratch the surface on the nonsense being fed to hitters today.

I could go on for 20 more pages — breaking down one dangerous lie after another — but that would take all day for you to read…

Plus, it’s so much better if you actually SEE what I’m talking about live and in-action (instead of just reading about it on this page.)

After all, hitting is visual!

So that’s why, for the first time ever…

I’ve recorded a NEW 12-part online video series...

And inside, I'll break down all 12 of the most dangerous lies, myths, and misinformation you need to avoid!

This new video series is called “Hitting Traps” — and in just a moment...

I want to give you a way to claim access today… totally FREE!

You’re going to absolutely love these videos.

Inside, I’ll expose each “trap” one at a time, step-by-step.

Some of the traps are mental, some are mechanical.

But I'll break everything down for you — literally everything — leaving no stone unturned.

I’ll make it simple and easy-to-follow… even for a complete rookie.

That’s what I pride myself on…

And that’s why I love reading messages like this from Bill Jackson who says…

“You are one of the best instructors I’ve ever seen on breaking things down to a point that just about anyone could understand the lesson. Thank you for the great lessons.”

That’s my goal — to “boil it all down” so any player (at any age) can watch these videos and immediately see results.

No fluff. No nonsense.

No confusing mumbo-jumbo.

Just actionable advice that transfers to real, “in-game” results.

And I promise we’ll have a lot of fun along the way, too!

That’s what it’s all about!

Once you press play on the first video…

Give me less than 5 minutes and you'll finally "get" it!

It’ll be like you’re unplugged from the matrix… finally able to see the truth for the first time.

You may have to "un-learn" some of the silly stuff you've been taught about hitting...

But once we get your head on straight about the RIGHT way to swing the bat...

You will be hitting the ball harder, further, and more consistently… almost immediately.

And the best part?

If you’re like most hitters, no major swing overhauls are necessary.

Just a few minor “tweaks” and you’ll be hitting the ball harder and further than ever before.

It’s easy once you’re exposed to the truth and finally understand the secrets of the swing.

You’ll be making more consistent contact and you’ll pack on more explosive power right away!

In fact...

I bet you’ll see a quick 5-10 MPH jump in your bat speed…

Which means you’ll be hitting the ball 25 to 50+ feet farther than you currently are.

Can you imagine that?

As I always say, good things happen when you hit the ball hard.

So aside from the instant power boost and making harder contact more often…

Don’t be surprised if you see a boost in your average, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage, too!

You’ll be racking up RBI’s and driving in runs left and right…

Which means you’ll quickly move to the “heart of the order.”

You’ll finally be the hitter that opposing pitchers fear.

You’ll be the hitter that continues to frustrate opposing coaches…

As they struggle to find a way to keep you off base and get you out.

And of course you’ll turn the heads of YOUR coaches the next time you take BP.

They'll be shocked once they see you driving the ball to all fields with unrecognizable power.

I bet your teammates will even be a little jealous (and some of them fearful of losing their spot in the lineup.)

You’ll have more confidence and so much more fun as you’re hitting like never before…

… in real games against real pitchers…

… stringing together hitting streaks left and right...

And finally leaving those dreaded “O-fer” games in the past.

Imagine how it'll feel to go from streaky and inconsistent to reliable and a force to be reckoned with at the plate.

Not to mention how many doors you’ll open up for yourself in your career.

Look, I know this might sound a little “too good to be true.”

After all…

You might be wondering how the heck it’s possible to hit the ball SO much harder and further…

Practically overnight?

But remember…

The reason it’s possible is because we’re not making any major swing overhauls here.

If you’re like most players, you probably already have a pretty solid foundation.

All we’re doing is making a few simple adjustments…

Which don’t take long at all to put in place once you understand them…

And you’ll both SEE and FEEL noticeable improvements by this time tomorrow.

Remember, I'll be with you almost every step of the way.

As soon as you begin to watch my new “Hitting Traps” video series…

I'll hold you by the hand...

And I'll show you exactly how to unleash the raw bat speed, power, and hitting potential trapped inside of you…

But you'll have to jog around the bases on your own. ;-)

Like I mentioned...

I'm Including This Video Package Totally FREE For You Today!

Why would I do that?

Well, it’s simple.

Helping baseball players is my calling… and I’m on a mission to make as big of an impact as possible.

I don’t want to see any more players fall into the common traps that are so easy to avoid once you know the truth.

And since it’s clear that the baseball world isn’t going to help spread the word about these Hitting Traps...

I’ve taken it upon myself to share this urgent message with you today.

Because as you know by now…

You’ve been taught a bunch of lies!

And it hasn’t been on purpose.

Nobody has been trying to intentionally steer you wrong.

But the reason why most hitters are taught lies is simply this...

Most parents and coaches don’t know any better.

They’ve never been exposed to the truth themselves…

So it’s hard for them to separate fact from fiction as they’re coaching you.

But don’t blame them.

It’s not their fault.

They certainly aren’t trying to cause any harm.

In fact, they want just the opposite.

They want the best for you!

But that doesn’t change this simple fact:

They’re just passing down the tips they’ve heard from previous generations... without second-guessing it at all.

Parents and coaches generally teach the same things they were taught.

Whether it’s true or not…

If something sounds good on the surface...

Most people just accept it as truth without giving it much extra thought.

Many of these common tips seem to be true simply because we hear them over and over again.

The more often you hear something, the more likely you are to assume it’s true.

But here’s the problem…

Many common things you hear are actually myths.

For example, I bet you've heard that Goldfish only have a three-second memory.

Did you know that’s actually false?

Two studies done by scientists on “goldfish memory” have actually proven this.

They remember things for much longer than three seconds.

In fact, goldfish can actually remember things for at least five months!

Culum Brown, an expert in fish cognition at Macquarie University in Australia even says, “Despite what everybody thinks, they’re actually really intelligent.”

You’ve probably also heard the myth that we only use ten percent of our brains.

Once again, totally false.

Neurologist Barry Gordon says that, “We use virtually every part of the brain, and that [most of] the brain is active almost all the time.” admits, “There is absolutely no scientific evidence, which confirms this myth, not even to some extent. All existing data shows that we use 100% of our brains.”

Another one of my favorites is that dogs can only see in black and white.

Although dogs cannot appreciate as many colors as humans do, it’s a myth that they can only see black and white.

According to VCA Animal Hospital, “Human eyes have three types of cones that can identify combinations of red, blue, and green. Dogs possess only two types of cones and can only discern blue and yellow.”

As you can see…


Commonly taught “wisdom” does not mean that it’s necessarily accurate.

And that applies to every area of life… including the baseball field!

Here’s the brutally honest truth…

You've been pumped full of half-truths, conflicting information, and bold-faced lies about hitting.

And believe it or not…

Some of it comes from players, parents, and coaches who could RAKE during their playing days!

But that just goes to show you…

Just because someone was a good hitter back in the day...

That doesn’t necessarily mean what they’re teaching is good advice that you should follow.

Heck, even listening to some of the pros these days makes you scratch your head.

They’ll preach one thing, then go out and do something totally different!

How many Big Leaguers have you heard talking about the importance of “swinging down” and “getting on top of the ball”...

When in reality, that’s not what they do at all!

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that their swing plane is actually slightly UP, not down…

… and they hit the LOWER half of the baseball, not the top half.

They’re telling you one thing, yet doing the complete opposite!

It’s no wonder why so many players are confused these days.

I was lucky enough to have my dad in my corner to keep me on track and give me the truth…

Otherwise I would’ve been just as confused!

You see, my dad is a former professional baseball player who really “gets it.”

He understands hitting and the mechanics of the baseball swing on a much deeper level than most…

And he’s taught me almost everything I know.

Anyway, I can’t tell you how many discussions we’ve had in the living room about hitting…

… and more specifically — about all the terrible advice dispensed out there.

It’s mind-blowing to hear some of the totally inaccurate instruction perpetuated these days...

Sometimes even at the highest levels of baseball!

Right now it’s harder than ever to sift through the garbage to find the hidden gems.

But don’t worry, because today we’re going to do some serious mythbusting and set the record straight.

Although many of the things you’ve been taught over the years are complete lies…

Today you’ll learn the truth.

You’ll learn the REAL story…

You’ll be able to separate fact from fiction…

That way you can finally start swinging it like you’re capable of!

I’m going to share with you hitting secrets that most parents and coaches won’t teach their players about...

... since they don’t even know they exist.

As one baseball dad in our community puts it…

“Man! If I had access to these training tutorials back in the 80’s when I played, I would be a retired major league player. Take full advantage of this knowledge kids!”

Everything you need to know is inside my brand new video series (called “Hitting Traps!”).

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That's a 10+ MPH increase in exit velocity… in a week!

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what level of baseball you play.

These secrets are 100% adaptable to any hitter’s swing.

You can be a youth hitter… or a college All-American.

Either way, you can use these secrets to drastically increase your power over time.

All that I ask is that you keep an open mind…

And prepare yourself mentally…

Because many of these secrets have been right in front of you this whole time…

Hiding in plain sight for most of your career…

And many of them are so SIMPLE…

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How To Turn Weak Ground Balls and Bloopers Into Screaming Line Drives and Home Runs

Because let’s face it…

There’s nothing worse than a pitcher leaving a “mistake” pitch right over the middle of the plate…

… and instead of hitting an absolute missile into the gap or over the fence…

You hit a weak rollover ground ball to the shortstop.

Or a pop up to the catcher.

As you hustle down the line you can’t help but think:

"Man! I just missed that pitch. Why do I keep doing that?"

It’s gotta be one of the most frustrating feelings ever for a hitter.

And no matter how much bat speed you have or no matter how beautiful your swing is…

None of it matters if you can’t get the barrel on the ball!

That’s why I’ve put together a special FREE report I’d like to rush you right away.

This report will help you finally start squaring the ball up more consistently.

Inside, you’ll learn the most common reasons why hitters hit too many ground balls, pop ups, and bloopers…

And more importantly, you’ll learn how to fix it ASAP!

You’ll learn the truth about hitting line drives and home runs.

You’ll learn how backspin is really created.

You’ll learn how to get (and stay) on plane with the pitch for as long as possible.

I’ll even give you a complete breakdown of launch angle and ball flight... simplified and demystified.

Once you breeze through this report...

You’ll have everything you need to cure those dreaded ground balls, pop ups, and bloopers once and for all!

You’ll go from fouling off or mis-hitting the pitches you should crush to barreling them up.

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How to Transfer Your BP Swing Into Real Games (When It Matters Most!)

Unfortunately, it's a night-and-day difference for many hitters.

I'm talking about their performance in BP vs. their performance in real games.

During BP, their swing looks great!

They're smoking hard line drives from gap to gap and the ball seems to jump off their bat.

They have confidence in themselves and their abilities.

They look calm, cool, and collected.

But when game day arrives, something strange happens.

When they step into the batter's box to face a real pitcher in a real game...

It's like they are a completely different hitter!

They do a complete 180.

They go from squaring the ball up and making hard contact to struggling to make contact at all.

They find themselves swinging at bad pitches outside the strike zone.

They begin to punch out way too often.

They miss-hit pitches they should've crushed.

Sometimes they feel frozen and unable to pull the trigger.

They don't feel like themselves at the plate.

For some reason their BP swing doesn't seem to transfer when it matters most.

It's like their hard work goes completely out of the window.

All those buckets of balls and all those extra swings in the basement or backyard — all for nothing.

It's one of the worst feelings in the world when you crumble under pressure in the heat of the moment.

Having difficulty "slowing the game down"...

Feeling like you're leaving potential on the table and gas in the tank...

Underperforming and not playing the way you're capable of playing.

Well, don't worry.

If you can relate to anything I just mentioned, this report will open a whole new world for you.

You see, you're not alone.

Hitters at every level of baseball struggle with this.

After all, it's tough to transfer your BP swing into real games on a consistent basis.

In fact, I would argue that this is the single biggest issue troubling hitters all over the world.

I get a variety of questions from players who are eager to make a change for the better...

But this is BY FAR the question I receive most often.

So that's why I've put together this extra bonus report for you, called: Game Day Hitting Secrets.

Inside, you'll learn exactly how to go from a "5 o'clock hitter" to a hitter who comes up clutch when it counts.

I'll teach you the secrets to finally living up to your full potential.

You’ll learn exactly how to play at your best when it matters most.

You’ll learn how to go from streaky to consistent.

You’ll finally be able to bring that same level of confidence you have in practice into a real game environment.

Bottom line: This report will help you become the best hitter you can be — a "game day" hitter.

We waste no time in this report and jump right into the good stuff!

I'll reveal the single greatest secret to transferring your BP swing into real games...

Then I'll give you 10 specific "practice strategies" you can use leading up to game day...

And we'll cap it off with 13 "game day strategies” you can use once you trade your BP top for your uniform.

This report is a "must-read" for hitters of all ages crammed with 48 pages of insider information!

If you hurry, you can read this report and learn all these “game day hitting” secrets before your next at-bat…

That way all your hard work doesn’t go to waste and you can avoid crumbling under pressure.

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So how do you get access to everything we’ve talked about today?

Well, as you know, my mission is simple.

My main objective is to help baseball players of all ages improve their skills, gain confidence, have more fun, and reach their full potential... both on and off the field.

Since I started Ultimate Baseball Training over 5 years ago, we've helped a lot of ballplayers…

One baseball dad wrote recently to say: “My 9-year old went from a batting average of .126 last summer to a .649 this summer with only 3 strikeouts! He led the team in nearly every offensive category. I’ve seen his confidence go from low to extremely high!”

Another dad also contacted us recently to say: “Samuel has gone from hitting ground balls or soft liners to hitting hard smashes, one hoppers off the fence, and just overall become a hitter to be feared."

We got another interesting note from a dad who says: "My son has always been a good hitter but has wanted to be great / feared hitter in little league and travel ball. He started fighting it and getting frustrated this season, fortunately your videos helped him build his confidence and improve his technique. Now he's hitting in the 600s on a 12U travel team and wanting to train more often! Thank you!"

Then there was a nice note from Mike Flippo. He said: "Loving these videos!! Training my 9 year old and he's showing so much progress!"

Look, nothing makes me smile more than receiving messages like these.

But I have to tell you...

Right now, I am really worried that a lot of hard-working players are never going to reach their full potential...

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That’s why I created this letter, and that’s why I’d like to send you the full details on everything we’ve discussed today.

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Every month I publish a new hitting lesson for the members in my community.

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How to Turn Weak Ground Balls and Bloopers Into Screaming Line Drives and Home Runs

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Game Day Hitting Secrets: How to Transfer Your BP Swing into Real Games (When It Matters Most!)

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Bats are nearly $500.

Gloves are typically $300.

The list goes on and on.

This doesn’t even include travel expenses like gas, hotels, and meals.

Oh, and don’t forget to add in tournament fees…

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Coach Justin

Founder, Ultimate Baseball Training

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