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Step 1: Watch the quick introduction video below. Step 2: Access your training modules in the following tabs and watch the videos for each phase that you are currently in. Do not skip ahead. Step 3: Begin training!

Baseball/Lacrosse Ball Technique

Foot Smash

Foam Rolling

Static Stretching After Workouts

Mobility and Stretching

Dynamic Warm-Up

Pedroia Series

Module 1: Basic Mental Approach

Module 2: Bat Selection

Module 3: The Proper Grip

Module 4: Stance

Module 5: The Load

Module 6: The Stride

Module 7: Hands and Head

Module 8: Bat Speed

Module 9: Developing Built-In Mechanics

Module 10: Common Hitting Mistakes and Swing Flaws

Module 11: How to Get Hit By a Pitch

Module 12: Bunting, Small Ball, and Executing the Game

Module 13: Mental Approach 2 – Counts, Sitting on Pitches, etc.

Contact Drill

Walk-Up Drill

Low Tee Drill

Hip Fire Drill

Target Concentration

Top-Bottom and Colored Ball Drill

Soft Toss

Front Toss

Lat Stretch Drill

The Dynamite Drill

Top/Bottom Hand

Put-It-All-Together Swings

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